23 March 2015

No More Dancing

Since my dodgy hip diagnosis, one of the things that's hit me the hardest is the realisation that now there'll be no more dancing. Not that I had any secret desire to return to performing or anything like that - I just had it in the back of my mind that when everything got fixed up (which I thought might be sooner rather than later), maybe I could do class again. A bit of fun dancing, like swing, or tap. Or ballroom. Or half tap, half ballroom! I always liked the idea of gliding and bounding across the floor like Ginger Rogers. Sigh… but it really is time now to stop fixating on what could have been. Instead, I need to make a list of all the things I can do instead. And there are so many of those things - I just need to slow down enough to see them.

12 March 2015

Kids, Hips, Shows & Stuff

How did it suddenly become midway through March? Craziness. We had one small beach holiday in February and the rest of the time I've been a busy bee. I created twelve illustrations for a children's health calendar and the rest of the time had my theatre hat on, remounting a show (The Brave) that's now being performed in Hawaii! Without me, sadly...

And then there's the hip saga, which to cut a lifetime story short, involves finally finding out that many years of doing extreme things to my body in the name of dance has completely ruined one of my hips. This may mean a big operation, somewhere in the not too distant future. I felt terribly sad and dejected for a few days, but now I'm on a mission to find out as much as I can about hip surgery and any  possible alternatives. Everything has been turned upside down in a way I never expected - it's a strange and nervous feeling.

31 December 2014

A Misty New Year

I love this floaty hazy sometimes-sunny time between Christmas and New Year, when the city turns quiet and everyone else heads off on their summer holidays. We had our own pre-Christmas holiday back in Wenderholm, which is now officially one of my best places ever and somewhere I think about when life in Auckland gets a bit too noisy, which these days is a lot of the time. It was misty, grey and rained bucketloads, but I didn't care.

On this equally overcast New Year's Eve I'm thinking of (and thankful for) the opportunities that have come my way this year. Lots of making stuff, lots of drawing, a number of downs but way more ups, and finally learning how to use my time more wisely (never my strongest point). Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave comments here; I love reading them and finding out what you are up to in your lives all over the world. Happy New Year!

13 December 2014

Holiday Slug

Over the past week I've been taking part in a daily drawing challenge (#illo_advent) on Twitter. It keeps me practicing instead of eating all the Christmas shortbread that has found its way into the house. Sort of! Are you prepared for Christmas? I'm not. After reading this column about the difference between holiday go-getters and holiday slugs, I can confirm that I am indeed the latter. Full of good intentions but very slow to take action and always running late, especially with Christmas cards and trees. Lalala...

26 November 2014

Take it Easy

I'm not very good at taking my own advice. If anyone else had spent most of a year taking on fairly intense artmaking courses and projects, on top of the usual mix of daily life drama and commitments, what would I say to that person? 'You need a rest', that's what I'd say. 'Take some time out. Have a break.' But oh no. What do I do? Keep on going like a slightly manic not very well-functioning machine. Then I get sick and wonder why.

So this week, after a stern talking-to by my sister and my own inner sometimes-sensible self, I'm taking it easy. Pottering around, walking a bit, writing a bit, watching Masterchef a lot and definitely not doing any housework. Obeying orders, and not pretending to be someone who can do everything, for a change.

5 November 2014


My contribution to this week's Illustration Friday is a reworked pic from my handy stash of 100 Days drawings!

Gidday = interjection (Australia & NZ) | hello, greetings, how do you do? Often followed by 'mate,' but possibly in this case 'darling.' Smooth.

23 October 2014

100 Days Later

I thought it was going to be easy, but boy was I wrong! A hundred days sometimes seemed like forever, and at times I got very grumpy about 'having' to do a drawing every day.

It turns out that it really wasn't about the result, but about the process of committing to a task and seeing it through. So many self-imposed blocks, excuses, delays and dragging of feet went on, but always beforehand - once I got into the flow of things I could have gone on forever.

For me, probably the most important lesson of all was learning how to ignore those pesky inner voices and just keep on making a little something every day, regardless. This weekend all the Auckland participants are coming together to show their projects, and I'm super excited - I think it's my very first exhibition ever, not counting school and student-ey things.

2 October 2014

Wish Upon a Cloud

Illustration Friday's theme this week is 'wish.' It reminded me of another one of my favourite childhood hobbies - lying in the grass seeing animals in the clouds while making wishes. Things like: 'I wish I had different parents not my mean ones who don't let me do anything/was a fashion designer/had a pair of patent leather shoes and some socks with anchors on them.' These days my wishes are quite different, usually involving an imaginary magical seaside house with a giant studio, where I can splatter paint around and make a mess to my heart's content.