25 August 2015

Couldrey House

Last weekend marked Wenderholm end-of-winter mini-holiday #3, including the usual chocolate-eating, river-watching and meandering walks. This time we paid a visit to historic Couldrey House, built near the beach in 1857. It's been beautifully restored, and I spent ages looking at the details in things - stitching, lettering, artwork - such loveliness in the making of everyday things.

22 July 2015

Little Things

When in limbo and waiting for important life-changing plans to eventuate (or not!), I'm finding it helps to focus on little things I see around me. An unexpected rainbow in the supermarket carpark, lucky art on a city wall, a winter tree that looks like it's catching fire.

23 June 2015

Making Plans

Head down and hiding out - that's what's been going on around here for the past couple of months! I've been working on a business plan, and the inside of my head looks a lot like this. 

13 May 2015


It's been a while since I drew anything for Illustration Friday, but here's my contribution to this week's theme of 'triangle!' 

6 May 2015

20 Ways to Draw a Cat

I've been doing a lot of non-arty, business-planning, paper-shuffling work recently and feeling a little rusty in the drawing department. Putting my doodle pants on usually does the trick, and what better way to start than with one of my all-time favourite subjects...

Another thing I'm keen on trying is this adventurous little exercise, part of a yearlong series called Creative Unblock. It involves a set of dice and an experiment in discovering a new place. Time to shake things up a bit, I think!

26 April 2015

Autumn Girl

When I was a child and always drawing, my main subject matter was girls, with the occasional horse. They all (the girls, not the horses) had similar names: Japanese Girl, Ballet Girl, Submarine Girl, Circus Girl, Boarding School Girl (I was desperate to go to boarding school, preferably in the Austrian Alps like the girls in the Chalet School books I read day and night). If I had made this picture then, there are no prizes for guessing what her name would have been!

23 March 2015

No More Dancing

Since my dodgy hip diagnosis, one of the things that's hit me the hardest is the realisation that now there'll be no more dancing. Not that I had any secret desire to return to performing or anything like that - I just had it in the back of my mind that when everything got fixed up (which I thought might be sooner rather than later), maybe I could do class again. A bit of fun dancing, like swing, or tap. Or ballroom. Or half tap, half ballroom! I always liked the idea of gliding and bounding across the floor like Ginger Rogers. Sigh… but it really is time now to stop fixating on what could have been. Instead, I need to make a list of all the things I can do instead. And there are so many of those things - I just need to slow down enough to see them.

12 March 2015

Kids, Hips, Shows & Stuff

How did it suddenly become midway through March? Craziness. We had one small beach holiday in February and the rest of the time I've been a busy bee. I created twelve illustrations for a children's health calendar and the rest of the time had my theatre hat on, remounting a show (The Brave) that's now being performed in Hawaii! Without me, sadly...

And then there's the hip saga, which to cut a lifetime story short, involves finally finding out that many years of doing extreme things to my body in the name of dance has completely ruined one of my hips. This may mean a big operation, somewhere in the not too distant future. I felt terribly sad and dejected for a few days, but now I'm on a mission to find out as much as I can about hip surgery and any  possible alternatives. Everything has been turned upside down in a way I never expected - it's a strange and nervous feeling.