26 November 2015

Pointy City

I started this a wee while ago for another Illustration Friday prompt but didn't finish it in time, so it was a satisfying thing to rework it and use it this week instead. Without really planning it, the beginnings of a story began to emerge, featuring a girl, her pointy dog, and an equally pointy city!

10 November 2015


'Whimsical' is this week's Illustration Friday theme. I like the Urban Dictionary's meaning of whimsical: 'A word over-used by artists and interior decorators too cowardly to say fun, crazy, eclectic, amusing, child-like and fantastical.' I think someone with a city on their head counts, don't you?

21 October 2015

Inky October

I've been playing with different ways of sketching for this year's Inktober - drawing a small do-able something most days. I like the idea of what's sometimes known as rule-based making - with restrictions in place, suddenly it's easier to be free. 

This month it's been about drawing with ink in various ways, for the 100 Days Project I created my own set of rules, and there are always new challenges popping up on the internet to be inspired by. For me, fast drawing is good drawing! Stops me from over-analysing (or staring vacantly into space), and gets me into a daily making habit that's just for fun.

24 September 2015

Sixty Minute Mermaid

I wanted to do something for this week's Illustration Friday mermaid theme (it's been ages), but only had an hour - it was a good if slightly panicked challenge.

8 September 2015

Daily Doodles

Over the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of doodling - it's a good way to get unstuck! I'm posting most of them on Instagram, which I'm liking quite a lot at the moment; it feels quite calm and unpressured, unlike a lot of other social media. Doodling makes me feel quite calm too, actually. A good habit to keep up, I reckon.

25 August 2015

Couldrey House

Last weekend marked Wenderholm end-of-winter mini-holiday #3, including the usual chocolate-eating, river-watching and meandering walks. This time we paid a visit to historic Couldrey House, built near the beach in 1857. It's been beautifully restored, and I spent ages looking at the details in things - stitching, lettering, artwork - such loveliness in the making of everyday things.

22 July 2015

Little Things

When in limbo and waiting for important life-changing plans to eventuate (or not!), I'm finding it helps to focus on little things I see around me. An unexpected rainbow in the supermarket carpark, lucky art on a city wall, a winter tree that looks like it's catching fire.

23 June 2015

Making Plans

Head down and hiding out - that's what's been going on around here for the past couple of months! I've been working on a business plan, and the inside of my head looks a lot like this.