22 November 2009

Baby Showering

The first time I ever went to a baby shower was when I was invited to my own one! I'm not a very traditionally brought up girl and had no idea what to expect. It was very sedate, actually, and I sat there surrounded by pretty plates of cakes, feeling honoured. This weekend I helped to organise my friend Clare's baby shower, and I designed the invite. As usual it took me much longer than expected, because I always get obsessed with finding and creating the perfect font/colour/detail. (Fab retro fonts, some free ones, to be found at Font Diner).

It was a very comforting afternoon. We sat in the sun and ate ginger kisses and apple cake. Some of us even wore specially selected aprons. We drank tea and lemonade. The conversation, however, often descended into the depths of depravity. Poor Clare was inundated with a stream of hideous birth stories. Maybe that's why it's called a baby shower - not really the presents but the things you don't want to know!

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