28 November 2009

A Little City Adventure

L and I have been living a downtown life for two days, banished to a shiny new apartment building in the city. Our little house has been overtaken by a film crew, and we have fled the scene. It was strange leaving, because I had to take all the pictures off the walls, and erase any personal traces in the form of books, ornaments and drawings on the fridge. It felt as if we were moving out forever. I quite liked the feeling, as if an adventure was about to begin. I found myself imagining hordes of strangers with clipboards and cameras tramping around my house. I worried about Neil, and his stranger anxiety. I wondered if they would be able to put everything back in its place. It just goes to show how safe and comfy I have become but how invigorating a bit of change can be.

We did things that we never do normally, because I hardly ever go into the city. We went to look at the huge cranes trundling around the wharves. We ate in one of my very favourite Japanese yakitori places, Tanuki's Cave. L ate his way through man-sized helpings of delicious grilled things on skewers and I helped him. We looked at the cavorting Christmas mice in Smith & Caughey's windows and the revamped Santa on the Whitcoulls corner. He used to have a bit of a gammy eye and a disturbing beckoning finger, but he is now much more attractive. I felt like a tourist and L was beside himself with excitement. In two weeks time we get to do it all over again.

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