8 November 2009

Market Madness

This sporadically fine weekend has seen me crisscrossing Auckland, from school fairs to opshops to the vast local fruit and vege market. It' s been years since I went to a school fair, and I wasn't prepared for the chaos, let alone the pushing and shoving...people hurling toys and clothes into giant rubbish sacks as if the world was about to end. 

From the piles of stuff I managed to pick out a little gold Glomesh purse, an old cream and red plastic Thermos (to match all the other cream and red kitchenware I have stashed around the house), and a pair of fine white cotton pyjama pants with baby blue embroidery.

Today was all about food - tiny perfect avocados, piles of truss tomatoes, one attractive beetroot, and an array of coffees, croissants, grilled prawn kebabs and tiny samples of creamy yoghurts, cheeses and relishes. L came along for the adventure and was happy to float around with me, as long as I kept feeding him slivers of interesting things to gobble down.

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