8 December 2009

On The Road

I have been away for four whole days, on my own, childless, jobless, responsibility-less. Back to my lovely Cooks Beach which is now at the very beginning of summer and so takes on the golden misty look of how I remember childhood holidays. It was odd at first, being without L, because we do so much together. I had to remember how to be me, on my own, by myself. I found myself doing a lot of aimless wandering, taking photos and scribbling things in notebooks. Driving down was a dramatic process, through violent rainstorms and brooding fog. Roads were closed the next day and people were stuck in cars for hours, waiting for the floods to recede. Jandals have made a reappearance and pale hairy legs have emerged from the depths of hiding. Driving solo, music, the slowly unfolding countryside...things I used to do a lot. Now I am having fantasies of a giant road trip in a campervan, all around New Zealand. I would take L with me, and introduce him to the joys of second hand shops and little country towns. I am sure he would much rather be whacking things with sticks and eating a million hokeypokey icecreams, but I will do my best.

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