15 January 2010

Make Something Every Day

One of my more serious New Year's resolutions is to start creating stuff as a habit/practice/discipline. I talk about doing it, I write about doing it, but actually doing it is sporadic, and then I start getting all precious and fearful about it. As a child, I drew endlessly, and wrote stories as well. It was an integral part of who I was, and I suspect it's still in there somewhere, because I'm writing about it now. 

I came across a post from Smashing Magazine called 'Design Something Every Day!' with a whole lot of interesting ideas about how to kickstart the making process and keep it going.  It only needs to take 15-20 minutes a day (theoretically), which is a fraction of the time I spend faffing around on the internet. It's always good to get a push from somewhere else, and inspiration from people in the same boat.

Little nuggets of inspiration all help to get the process started. Here are some more ideas to help flex those flabby creative muscles:
And a couple of old favourites:
  • Twyla Tharp's book 'The Creative Habit'. She talks about the importance of structure. She calls the process of finding the grains of good ideas, 'scratching'. She writes about creativity without being fluffy or pedantic.
  • Julia Cameron's concept of 'The Morning Pages' - three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing that you do every single day. Hard to do, sometimes tedious, but often useful and insightful.

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