20 January 2010

Put Some Pants on Your Head

When I was looking for projects to get me started being productive instead of lethargic, I came across Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She is a writer, filmmaker and radio host. Her new blog, MISSion Amy K.R, is a series of invitations and projects. This week's mission (and it's only Week 2) is to reflect on what the children in your life have taught you. They could be your own children, or friends, or relatives, or students, or any child you know, really. Reflect, and then share. 

I ended up thinking about it all day. L was a surprise in my life. He challenges me constantly. One day he might read this; I hope he does. At the moment I'm writing a lot about my own memories of childhood. What L doesn't know is that he's showing me the way back into those memories. I see him drawing and making little Lego houses, and I suddenly remember how it felt to be completely carried away to lala land. I hear him singing squeaky tuneless songs to his animals, and I remember how I used to organise my own animals into squadrons and boss them around like a drill sergeant. Sometimes I spy on him. I won't be able to get away with that for too much longer. I see him lost in some complicated scenario, and I know for sure that I was once like that too. That's my mission this year - to get some of that back again for myself.

And let us not forget the importance of:
Having the courage to try new things, despite being quite obviously terrified.
Crazy wild abandon in movement, just because it feels so satisfying.
The joy of fart jokes, bottom words, stinky smells and wearing underpants on your head.

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