1 February 2010


I am a master of procrastination. Thing-a-Day starts today, which means making something. This, however, is what I managed to do first while waiting for inspiration to strike (ha).

I had a cup of tea.
Picked all the fallen lemons off the grass.
Vacuumed the bedroom floor.
Put on a load of washing. (I think I'm onto something here; in order to get the housework done, just procrastinate about doing a creative task)
Checked my emails for the fifteenth time today.
Spent 20 minutes looking for the perfect book to write down my brilliant ideas.
Cut all the competitions out of the Sunday paper.
Had another leisurely cup of tea.
Wiped the crumbs off my keyboard.
Scrubbed out my very tea-stained mug.
Made a to-do list.
Thought about cheating and using something I had made another day.
Looked for drawing paper. Couldn't find any, and spent at least five minutes staring vacantly at the place where the paper should have been.
Looked up a whole lot of other things that people have done and got sidetracked by their cleverness.

And eventually started....

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