13 March 2010

Nighty Night

There were some big events happening in Auckland today. Pasifika (world's biggest Pacific festival - more than 200,000 people), and a public appearance by Buzz Aldrin (second man to set foot on the moon). I wasn't there. I'm sometimes a bit crowd-shy. I was pottering round the house and sorting out the last little bits of the linen cupboard. I love fabric because it is often so  specifically linked to a particular place and time. Small pieces of personal history. These pictures are parts of a disintegrating pillowcase that was my absolute favourite thing when I was quite little. I thought it was me because I had red hair too.

My brothers had matching pillowcases. They shared a room and spent a lot of time fighting. I never really liked the boys in these pictures; I thought they had mean faces. These little fabric pieces may not last much longer, and I thought it was important to save them while they were still semi-intact.

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