24 March 2010

Sewing Things

Five favourite things for this week, and they're all about sewing. I'm not a very adept sewer, but last week I made a cushion cover and even put a zip in it, accompanied by much swearing and grinding of teeth.
  1. My little sewing boxes, picked up in opshops. I'm always on the lookout for new ones.
  2. Retro buttons and buckles on their original manufacturer's cards. These ones are from Switzerland; I found them stashed away in a seconds shop among piles of plastic buckets.
  3. Salvage, a fantastic vintage and trimmings shop in Mt Eden, Auckland. (Image from Lovely Shops NZ) 
  4. My trusty old Singer sewing machine. It doesn't do anything except stitch forwards - not even backwards, but it goes like the clappers.  I have just discovered a secret compartment under the machine, containing the original manual. It's a Singer 99K, made in Clydebrook, Scotland, in 1948.
  5. Threads, a website full of handy tips and even videos for beginners. There is hope  for me yet... 


Kate said...

Old Singer sewing machines are so beautiful!


Carla said...

And the best thing about it is the lever you push with your knee...no foot pedal!

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