2 April 2010

The Easter Bunny

Easter always feels like the real start of autumn. Even though it's warm in the daytime, this year it means darker evenings (end of daylight saving), a garden with nothing in it, and the return of the duvet to the bed. 

Our family wasn't religious, although at the age of seven I decided (off  my own bat) that I wanted to go to church, and took myself off to the local Presbyterian hall for Sunday School. I kept going for a few years, because I liked the art activities - sticking cottonwool on fluffy sheep and making plasticine models of babies in mangers. 

L is now becoming aware of Easter and its potential for lots of chocolate, but I think it's important that he's told why it's celebrated. Every year, he goes with his dad to Mangere Mountain, to watch a reenactment of the crucifixion. It gives him the chance to ask lots more questions about Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and God - all mixed up in his mind as one giant person or animal, I suspect. "How tall is the Easter Bunny? Is he as big as a house? Is he real? Does he have teeth? Have you seen him?" Well, not in real life, anyway....

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