6 April 2010

Egg Hunting

Five favourite things from a marvellous and slightly sunny Easter weekend.
  1. Making the clues for the egg hunt! There were two teams going, with different maps and sets of clues. It took me ages but it was immensely satisfying.
  2. L's look of complete amazement when I said there was a bunny under the lemon tree.
  3. The first feijoas. They are starting to fall on the footpath, free for the picking.
  4. Warm sandy beach afternoons, still! Long may they continue...
  5. My very ancient blue bunny, once lost and now rediscovered at the bottom of a dusty box. I think at one time he was called Flash, but I think he needs a new name.

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obscene_pickle said...

I love you clues! So sweeeeet! I bet they loved them.

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