23 May 2010


Drawing for this week's Illustration Friday theme of 'early'. It's a good habit for me to keep practicing the drawing thing, even though my brain is sometimes sluggish and I feel as if I have no imagination. This was made at the kitchen table on a rainy stormy Sunday afternoon. There are quite a few beds featuring in my drawings at the moment. I'm probably about to go into hibernation for the winter.


michael robertson said...

and we are just going into summer!...nice work and very cute idea.

cally jane studio said...

Hi Carla Jane! This is great, love your quirky style! Such a cute worm!
from Cally Jane :)

Graham Byrne said...

hi Carla, nice worm!
I got your comment ,thanks, on my illo on "detective", and it was done on A3paper with pastel and then some digital stuff later.
regards, "geezer"

amba said...

Watch out little worm!

Di said...

Uh oh! early- good for the bird not the worm. This is great. love your quirky line.

Pencil Pocket said...

This is just super!

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