27 May 2010

Neil and the Rat

I think it's about time Neil had a mention. He's been part of our household for so long now that his picture gets included on Christmas cards. He is currently responsible for a foul giant dead rat that is lying under the clothesline. I only noticed it yesterday and have ignored it because it has been pouring with rain, and because I am a coward. Unfortunately, because of the rain, the rat is now disintegrating. I can't bear to touch it and I am praying that the lawnmower man will remove it when he comes over today. I will refrain from posting a photo of the rat, however. That would not be good.

2 hours later: The lawnmower man came and went. He carefully mowed around the rat so as not to disturb it. My friend Anna arrived on her bicycle and disposed of the rat with zero fuss, while I hid around the corner. Neil's not too happy that it's gone but I am happy that I can now move on to brighter and happier things.

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