9 May 2010

Sorry, Mum

Louise hasn't been seduced by the internet...not yet, anyway. It's only a matter of time. I know that when she does, it will be impossible to get her off it. If she saw these photos again, she would  hopefully remember the happy sunlit innocent baby moments, not the grumpy sulky slamming-the-door ones - and I'm not talking about her! It was me that was the grouchy one. When I was looking through old family photos, (most of which I'd nicked from her cupboard), I found a few prime examples of my often unpleasant nature. I was usually the one with the sticking out bottom lip, arms crossed, skulking in the background.  I'm sure at the time I felt quite justified in my awful behaviour. Sorry, Mum. I know I gave you a hard time, and I know you would laugh and tell me that it's my own turn now. Happy Mother's Day!

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