17 May 2010


I don't go to opshops much anymore. They aren't what they used to be, in Auckland anyway. Many of them have been transformed into upmarket recycle boutiques, with managers and window dressers. Or they maintain their shabby veneer but charge $5 for a vaguely retro looking jam jar, and any old piece of Crown Lynn is marked up bigtime. The thrill of the unexpected treasure doesn't happen very often, but there are some rare days when it emerges from unlikely places, and the other day was one of those days.

Clockwise from top left: Old children's story book, pleated 1970s shirtwaist dress, fabric with cross hatching, collection of 1960s craft magazines, striped linen tablecloth. And there was more: two icecream-coloured woolen checked blankets, a set of embroidered napkins, eight bone-handled kitchen knives, some overlooked Crown Lynn dinner plates, and a bad-looking troll with magenta hair. All for under $25. Very exciting. And I love the unexpected colour theme that I only noticed when I put the photos together...

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