9 June 2010

The Envelope Project

I love getting letters. Real ones, inside envelopes, sitting in the letterbox like little treasures. I used to love sending them, and when I was a kid would spend ages decorating the envelopes with complicated drawings and blobs of sealing wax with my initials stamped into them. I still go on about how much I love letters but I don't send them, hardly ever, and usually only if I'm sending a birthday card. Every year I write on my list of resolutions: I will write more letters. And I never do. What will I have to reminisce over when I am 84? I don't think I will be spending hours looking at my old email archives.

The other day on our walk to school, we met an elderly man, clutching a letter. It had a stamp on it, ready to send. He asked me where all the mail boxes had gone. "There just aren't any!" he said, and he was right. They have started to disappear from the neighbourhood, mysteriously and unannounced. Today, New Zealand Post have said that they will be cutting down delivery days, because there isn't enough mail to deliver.

So, to boost the revenues of NZ Post, help me be a better person and rediscover my old love of letter-writing, I'm going to take part in The Envelope Project, set up by Pip at Meet Me at Mikes. The idea is that you create a decorated envelope, fill it with some tiny crafty or handmade non-heavy things, and send it to Pip. The contents of all the envelopes will be posted on Flickr, and at the end of six weeks one lucky person will receive the lot. Anyone, anywhere in the world can take part! L is going to do it too. Results to be posted here soon...

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