6 June 2010

Rainy Sunday

The Illustration Friday theme this week is 'trail'. The Continuing Adventures of... at the moment, the boy without a name. He seems to live in a land where it's always snowing and there are no other people. It's not snowing here, but it's raining. Again. Rain, however, is very good weather for drawing, endless cups of tea, and staring out the window.


Isabelle said...

Hi Clara,
This is sooo sweet. Love this illustration! It could be call "Just follow the light" hehehe I just discovered your blog (& work).. you have so much talent! Illustration Friday has so many incredible illustrators just waiting to be discovered... and by luck I discovered you!
PS Thankyou/Merci for your comments on my blog, I so appreciate this!

Gavin Goo said...

Hi Carla, you have a lovely style of illustration. And the composition for this is great too! :D

joynevada.com said...

this is so lovely!!

amba said...

and this one is brilliant! a warm light in cold days

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