6 July 2010

Colouring In

The weather gods heard me mention the words 'oasis' and 'spring'. They rubbed their gnarly grey hands together and cast another gloomy blanket of rain over the land. "Ho ho ho," they said, "That will show her."

It is the second day of the school holidays. The rain buckets down. This is our envelope for The Envelope Project. It was a collaborative effort between L and me.  I would like to say that we spent a pleasant morning colouring in companionable silence, a pot of delicious soup bubbling away on the stove. No. The concentration lasted all of five minutes and then it was back to explosion noises, whacking hard surfaces with cushions and shooting aliens with gigantic rocket blasters. I did like digging out my old box of coloured pencils - now I have to decide what to put in the envelope...

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CrystaL* said...

Love your envelope for the envelope project! Awesome job. I wish I could see the window in person where all of these wonderful envelopes will be.

Hope your having a great week!

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