24 July 2010


Two people I knew died this week. One was a family friend, part of the fabric of our childhood, growing up in Wellington. He had Parkinson's, and died suddenly.  His name was John.  The other person wasn't a close friend, but she was someone I often met in the theatre world. She was an actor and director. A person with presence and charisma, and kindness. She always asked how L was, even though she didn't really know him. It's hard to believe she was here, and now she is gone. It happened fast - she had problems with her vision, she went to see the doctor, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and two weeks later she is dead. Today I caught myself growling at L, and felt sad that so many moments are spent acting without thinking, when really they are so precious. Today I also came across a wonderful story, with photographs, on a site called 'Days With My Father'. Beautiful. Truthful. It's been a strange and unsettling few days.

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