8 August 2010

Almost Six

L will be six in two weeks. He thought this would be a good photo for his party invite (a Michael Jackson dance party; gone are the days of Bob the Builder and Dora). New words have appeared in his vocabulary since starting school - awesome, ugly, BORING, cool, wassup, far out, dumb. Of great importance is 'looking cool', so I'm not sure why he would want such an uncool photo seen by any of his friends. There's no logic where these things are concerned, as I am beginning to realise (I'm a bit slow sometimes). Life with him is sometimes such an emotional rollercoaster - from completely barmy to hysterical to furious to desperately sorry. How can they shapeshift so quickly, from giggly standup comedians telling bum jokes, into hitting spitting kicking snakes? Sometimes it's as if a whirlwind lives in this house.  I think I need a holiday.

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