2 August 2010


I just bought a pile of old Giles annuals off TradeMe (our Ebay). Carl Giles was a cartoonist for the Daily and Sunday Express newspapers in Britain for many years. Those books were part of my childhood, and though I wasn't supposed to read them I would sneak them into my room for a really good look. 

I liked the family the best, with the little kids and heaps of bald babies, and the naughty things that went on in the backgrounds. His eye for detail and character was incredible. I used to love the Englishness of it, and even though I had never lived there I thought I might quite like it - not sure why, because in a lot of the pictures it was always either raining or snowing and looked downright depressing. L likes them now too. I found him reading one yesterday. Of course he'd managed to find the one page containing a picture of a bare bottom, and thought that was just great.

Lots of links about Giles, with interesting info if you're that way inclined - here are some of them: A Celebration of Giles, the British Cartoon Archive, and the Giles Tribute Pages

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