22 August 2010

Semi Permanent

It's been a busy weekend, rushed and inspiring and different. Semi Permanent, a sixth birthday party,  and thirty two cupcakes! Semi Permanent (more about the party another day) is a design conference held each year in Australia and New Zealand. 'Conference' is kind of the wrong word - it's not that stuffy or formal. My third time, a great time, and a big thank you to my friend Anna who is producing it; if she hadn't told me about the event I would probably have never known it existed.

Basically you, and two thousand other people, sit (for hours on end) in a dark auditorium and watch/listen to a series of presentations by a series of  other people who are generally pretty passionate about what they do. There's a broad range to that thing called 'design,' so you get to hear about animation, illustration, film, sound design, graphics, product design, and more. Designer Storm Thorgeson was one of the speakers, and at one point he got everyone to put cut kiwifruit on their eyes - hence the photo above. I loved it, and even if I do feel as if I have been whacked over the head with a big stick and that my eyes are falling out, it's in a good way. 

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