8 September 2010


Fire on Worcester St by Mike Campbell

It's only now that the shock seems to be setting in, and filtering up to where we are at the top of the country. At first there was relief that nobody was killed. Now Christchurch is being rocked by violent aftershocks - there have been about 150 since Saturday, and one huge one early this morning. It must be nerve-wracking to be there and not know when it's going to happen again. My friend Jenny lives in Lyttleton, just outside Christchurch City. She said it has been terrifying, 'apocalyptic.' Vicious. L has seen bits and pieces about the earthquake; heard about it at school. He's worried that it will happen here. I'm keeping the news off when he's around; he worries about so many things these days, usually about disasters that might happen to people. Volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves are high on the list of worrying items,  and he has started a sleepwalking habit that I'm sure is connected to his new disaster obsessions. At least the sun is out today - we have been covered in a blanket of rain for what seems like weeks, which has been making us all a bit gloomy.

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