30 September 2010

School Holidays

I was listening to Nigel Latta on the radio this morning, talking about the school holidays. He's a great believer in stepping back and letting kids learn to entertain themselves some of the time, rather than be constantly entertained, supervised and chaperoned into worthy activities. I like him because he's down to earth and often says things that make me feel better about my often slapdash parenting. He points out the guilt we often quietly flagellate ourselves with and how pointless it is. 

I sometimes think I should be organising many more crafty activities, doing more communal baking, and be setting off on exciting adventure trips that L will remember when he is old and sitting by the fire in his slippers. I also feel like this when I have been reading too many blogs where life with the kids seems perfect, artistic and conflict-free, or when someone asks me what I have planned for the holidays and I say (guiltily), "Nothing much." 

For the first few days, L wants to be attached to me like a  limpet, and there's a constant litany of "What are we doing NOW." We then slowly descend into pyjama-wearing until lunchtime and letting the day (apart from work things) unfold. There are many Nigel Latta opponents, by the way. Here's a feisty discussion about him on Brian Edward's blog. Now it's time for afternoon tea and getting back into those pyjamas again...

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