23 October 2010

Mrs Mop

It's Labour Weekend; first long weekend since June, traditionally the time to plant out your tomatoes. I bought four cherry tomato plants from the local garden club where I had a cup of tea and chatted about poppies and coriander relish. I came home, opened all the windows and turned into Mrs Mop, cleaning lots of grubby surfaces and finding it very satisfying.

I love that whole spring ritual thing. Clean sweeps, fresh starts, new beginnings. We ate dinner  outside for the first time in months, sitting on the grass on a blanket. Lovely little things and very important, because these are the things to remember, the sunlit moments, the moments when nothing much happens but everything seems all right with the world.

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Tania said...

I'm just a bit into those sort of moments myself. Might give the Mrs Mop thing a whirl rather than that endless washing mountain...

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