3 October 2010

Strange Children

Not my strange child, but a 1955 modern ballet called 'Strange Children' by a choreographer called Margaret Barr. I came across this image by accident when I was looking online for answers to my current parenting issues (as you do). 

My stars in the Sunday paper  today said: 'Knowing yourself well as a parent is part of your cosmic snooker game this week. Small children are frankly loopy at the best of times, but they will excel themselves right now.' That's for sure. I've given up looking for answers and have been looking at old dance photos instead. 

Margaret Barr lived and taught in Auckland during World War II. I love this image. They look like they could be in a desert, but  apparently they were on  the sand dunes at Curl Curl Beach in Sydney. There are lots more to look at in this collection on Flickr. A lovely little diversion for a Sunday evening.

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