7 November 2010

Broken Bones

It's been a funny week, full of unexpected accidents. Overheating ovens with dodgy old thermostats, cuts and bruises, and one very broken arm. L's always tripping over and crashing into things. It's like his speedometer is set a little too fast, most of the time. Hearing him cry loudly is nothing out of the ordinary, neither is a bit of screaming, but when I looked at the wiggly limp shape of his arm I knew there was something very wrong. Seven hours, several lollipops, a lot of waiting and one brand new plaster cast later, we finally got home to bed. 

There were some traumatic moments involving intravenous ketamine. I thought that was only used on ponies, or as an illicit club drug, but  it's also used as short term sedation to pull the bones and set them in place for casting. Not a good thing to see your child going through, no matter how safely controlled it is. I'm glad it's over. What a week.

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Sissy Sparrows said...

I'm touching wood right now as I right this as I don't want to jinx myself by writing this...but I am yet to go through the broken bone thing. I know it will be a matter of time however cause I have a little man that has a speedometer set to high ALL the time! Hope he mends well!

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