21 November 2010

Garden Baby

I've never been very skilled at certain things of a domestic and crafty persuasion - in other words, sewing, baking, and knitting of any kind. Although I can draw things on paper, it's the making of most other things in three-dimensional form that gives me grief. Gardening has also always fallen into the 'completely ignorant and not at all green-fingered' category, but over the last year or so I've been taking baby steps in the garden. 

Recently I've started trotting down to the local garden club on a Saturday morning to learn a bit more about the importance of mulching and how to stop my tomatoes from withering away. I do feel like a complete gardening novice, especially as I come from a family of gardening fanatics. The sum total of my vege garden at home is four lettuces, four tomato plants, some rampant silverbeet and a dubious little patch of herbs...but it's only the beginning! I too will waft amongst the greenery (in a floaty white dress) on sunny summer evenings, nibbling at homegrown strawberries and whipping up sensational salads from my bed of organically grown lettuces. I can see it now...

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