13 November 2010

Hello Gocco

Today I cleaned up the laundry and made myself a (very small) printmaking space. It has been on my list for months. My box of supplies has been sadly languishing in a dark cupboard, and the Print Gocco set I bought a few years ago has sat there lonely and unused. It's good to get away from the computer and do something by hand. I had run out of the right frames and had to use the screen in a normal screenprinting way, making a shaky start on some Christmas cards in an effort to be early, organised and impeccably prepared. Haha. Despite the usual problems with registration and keeping myself clean, I was happy to produce a few passable cards and some test prints on fabric. Lots of great Gocco-ness to be found here on the Save Gocco blog, and here on the Flickr Gocco Group page.

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