17 November 2010

Suddenly Summer

Big bunches of basil, newly planted cherry tomatoes, strawberries and asparagus, the oak trees in the park giant and leafy... and it's suddenly hot. Looking back on my past year of blog posts, I can see how any hint of summer suddenly makes me want to write about it, endlessly. Skirts, jandals, after-school picnics at Point Chev beach, and the feeling that everyone is emerging from their little dark winter houses ready to have a party. I never used to be in love with summer the way I am now - it hasn't even officially started yet and I want it to go on forever.


Tania said...

Isn't basil just the best? That and mint are the loveliest summery stuff to brush past and make the world all excellently smelly.

Carla said...

Yes! I love them, though L says that basil smells like cat wee.

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