12 January 2011

Dancers Among Us

One of my dreams is to go to New York. I don't mind what season it is, as long as I can go and see lots of dance and musicals and art galleries and museums, and walk around for hours through the streets I only know from films (mainly old ones) and television (usually the news). I love these photos from New York photographer Jordan Matter, and I love what he says about his reason for taking them. (You can see the entire gallery on his website).

'I’ve created these images for my two children, who are everything to me. There is so much I want for them. My hope is that they will live long and healthy lives, find loving partners and fulfilling careers, and experience the joys of parenthood. Most importantly, I want them to be free from self-consciousness, to discover the deep happiness of impassioned lives, and to find the serenity to be truly present. These photographs communicate my dreams for them more powerfully than words alone-relish moments large and small, recognize the beauty around you, and be alive.'

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