17 January 2011

Hurray for Thing-a-Day

'Thing-a-day is a yearly creative sprint where participants commit to create one new thing every day, every day of February and post it on the collective blog.'
This was my very first  drawing for Thing-a-day 2010. It was most definitely the beginning of an adventure, but at the time I was filled with great angst about not only producing a piece of work a day, but the thought of anyone actually seeing it. I'm happy to say that I am now mostly over that particular anxiety and that the drawings I did that month were the very first building blocks of what I am doing now. 

Last year I created an alphabet, which fit neatly into the month-long challenge. It was useful to have a structure and now I'm tossing up ideas for a new theme. It's fun, intense, often difficult, but very rewarding - a shot of creative rocket fuel, which is a good thing for the beginning of a new year.

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