4 March 2011


There's a jittery feeling in the air, a nationwide obsession with staying safe, out of harm's way. Two smallish earthquakes have hit Wellington in the past two days and I can imagine how scary that must be; the feeling that you could be next. We worry about the chances of an earthquake in Auckland - not likely, but there's always the supposedly innocent dormant volcanoes that grace just about every suburb. We talk about what it would be like to move to Australia, but there are other things there, like floods, bush fires and crawly poisonous things. The forces of nature seem immense, inescapable, uncontrollable. 

Feeling safe at the moment is about the comfort of little rituals - Friday night pizza, the park every day after school, mundane telly and cups of tea. It has been a strange, sad and edgy few weeks. This drawing is one of the last from the Thing-a-day challenge - a grand total of 21 finished (out of 28)! In the last week the Christchurch earthquake happened and the drawings changed; influenced by what was going on down there and the endless avalanche of media reports and images.

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