8 March 2011

What I Did in February

This is the end result of February's Thing-a-day challenge - a grand total of 21 out of 28 days; somewhat interrupted by earthquake happenings towards the end. Now I can see the series as a whole, I notice how dark the images became in the last week or so - you can see them all here. It was hard going at times - not the drawing bit so much, but the pressure of posting publicly when I wasn't always happy with the result. Good for me though, and it's a great practice, this daily drawing - so often I'm caught up with the idea of creating something finished and perfect (haha) that all spontaneity goes out the window. I see these little images as starting points for other things, but maybe some of them are 'finished' enough, and possibly portfolio-worthy - what do you think?


Anonymous said...

You're so clever! xChele

Carla said...

Why thank you!!

Isabel Nadal said...

Very good work you did in february!!

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