5 April 2011


Since the Christchurch earthquake just over a month ago, my sleep has been rocky and disturbed and basically rubbish. I'm not sure why - I wasn't even in Christchurch, but maybe it's some kind of lurking deep disaster anxiety. My kind friends have been bringing me little sleep remedy samples and tips - I've tried the lot - valerian, hops, hot milk and warm baths before bed, passionflower, magnesium, even panadol. 

Short of a sleeping pill, nothing ever does the trick. I lie there, buzzing and thinking uselessly, for hours. But now I've discovered a new solution - the world of self-hypnosis podcasts. I'm on the search for the perfect sleep-inducing voice; no weird accents, creepy intonations or speech impediments (believe me there are many examples out there); and with a nice touch of comforting down-to-earthness. And so far, so good - I'm getting better at switching off my nattering brain and pretending I'm sinking into a vat of molasses (or something like that). But oh to sleep like a child...they don't know how lucky they are.


haideestar said...

I love your bed & room a delicious comfy delight I can see why L wants in ! So great you are getting some shuteye again .

Carla said...

Ah yes...the joy of sharing a bed with a kicking, wriggling, snorting child...not!

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