29 May 2011

Sunday Walk

There has been a lot of drawing, promoting, challenge-entering, emailing, Photoshopping and an occasional bit of blogging going on recently. I'm starting to get more serious about turning my growing illustration habit into a real thing, something that I can call a career, or maybe a second kind of career that can go alongside my other more sporadic theatre work. The downside of this is way too much time spent slouching in front of the computer, which I can do quite happily for hours on end. Getting out into the world is important, and that's what we did today. Noticing new little things around the neighbourhood - curly fences and strange letterboxes, the smells of wood smoke and people's Sunday roasts, bike riding and kite flying and all the things that other people get up to on a late autumn weekend. We walked up a big hill and through a forest full of mushrooms, then came home for fish fingers and chips with tomato sauce. The Sunday walk - must make it more of a habit.

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