15 August 2011

Sort of Snowing

Snow in central Auckland? Not since 1939, apparently. It's a shame it didn't last long enough to make even a tiny snowman, but it's given everyone something to talk about. The country's being swept by an Extreme Polar Blast (I like the capital letters, it sounds more dramatic), surging up from Scott Base. Places like Wellington, where I grew up and never ever saw one snowflake, are covered in snow, even down to beach level, with photos of suburban houses looking like cosy little lamplit cottages in the wintry English countryside. 

Staying inside, wrapped up in fluffy blankets and eating soup, seems like a good idea at the moment. It's not just the cold, but all the news of erupting worldwide chaos over the past week or so - in fact, it's been a year of chaos; things cracking up, the unexpected shattering of normality. Sometimes the simplicity of home makes it the very best place to be.

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