26 September 2011


'Ferocious,' quickly done for this week's Illustration Friday prompt. What that thing is I do not know. It looks like a floating peanut, and the kid doesn't look very scared. Not as scared as I am today,  in the messy middle of doing my overdue tax return. Aaargghhh...


deniz said...

wow! good luck to you today... you are ferocious then! : ) love your awkward peanut and the little boy very much : )


jennifer said...

I love your linework and the expressions! Great!!

roberto said...

Hello Carla, I'm happy because I can leave comments again (I changed Explorer to Firefox)
Ha ha, you're very funny. I love your comments accompanying your beautiful artwork!
My daughter is not living in Auckland, she returned to Omapere and its beautiful harbor! If you want it you can see her blog, I have a link on the sidebar of my blog, with a picture of her

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