6 September 2011

The R Word

Photo: William Hall Raine / National Library of NZ on the Commons

I don't like rugby and I'm not in the slightest bit excited about the Rugby World Cup. It starts on Friday, and media frenzy is escalating by the hour. Every time you turn on the telly there's another glistening All Black striding towards the camera in slow motion. If I could be airlifted out of Auckland for the next six weeks, I'd be off in a jiffy, but as that's unlikely, I'm trying to look on the bright side. Is there a bright side? Well, the city's been tidied up in lots of nice ways. Shiny new art galleries, theatres and public waterfront areas have opened. All road works are banned while the Cup's on, and three and a half tonnes of kiwi, kowhai and pohutukawa-inspired fireworks will be lighting up the city on opening night. I discovered this photo today - it's a shot from the 1930s of rugby jerseys drying on a Wellington washing line. Seems like nothing much has changed, really!


Ignatz el Ratón said...

Do not worry, Carla, everything passes.
Sounds like a good idea, put your beautiful drawings on the photographs. It would be a way to minimize the negative effect!!!
You can take photos that you dislike, about the Rugby World Cup and put your drawings on them. Obviously, then show us all into your blog. ha ha.!!!! :)
Thank you very much for your kind comment!♥

Carla said...

That's a great idea! Channel my dislike of rugby into drawings. I may not like the game but I am looking forward to the fireworks - today is the opening and thousands of people are already gathering down by the waterfront. Thanks for visiting again :)

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