22 September 2011

Spring Stuff

Sweet Summer Flowers Greeting Card
I don't write much here about my online shops - not sure why, because it's a big part of what I've been doing for a year or so. Maybe it's because I wanted to keep this blog separate from all the promotion and social networking and hoo-ha that goes hand in hand with selling online. A kind of quieter place, where I could get away from posting about the latest greatest or not-so-greatest thing I've designed. Except for today - today I wanted to show a little bit of the other stuff I've been doing. This pattern was inspired by a bed sheet from the 1970's, found in a Tauranga opshop and taken home to live in the hall cupboard with the other residents of my ever-growing fabric collection. I usually draw everything by hand and colour it digitally - this time I did everything in Illustrator and played with offsetting three different layers to give the look of block printing. And speaking of printing, the onset of spring is making me want to go and learn some new things. Like printmaking, or painting. Something different and hands-on and a bit messy, for a change.


roberto said...

Hi, Carla, Happy Spring!
This is a beautiful design, suitable for this date:)
Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember I was with my wife buying fabrics in Devonport but I do not remember the name of the street. I love NZ, I tell you that my three sons have been working and living there. but one of them, I told you, already married and was definitely there. Which means I'll have to go visit her, (not a sacrifice, ha ha)
greetings and hugs!

Carla said...

Thank you Roberto! Spring is definitely one of my favourite times. Make sure you come to NZ then (or summer), not in our damp grey winter :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've been there in March and April, when it began to rain. but I agree with you. I prefer the spring and summer.
but yesterday (Sunday to you) I was talking to my daughter for skype and she said it was raining in Auckland!!
seems that spring does not arrive!
I send my greetings and hope you have a good week
Sorry, this comment will appear as anonymous, because Blogger will not let me leave comments, something is wrong ): GRRRRR!!! :(

Carla said...

Rain... yes it is often never-ending! We live in the land of mud, a lot of the time. Have a good week, Roberto (anonymous) :)

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