18 October 2011

Lovely Weekend

Delightful things this weekend included a road trip, sunshine, wine, lunch in an orange grove, cheese and walks on beaches. I took photos of the food we ate, but sadly forgot to snap the giant pavlova with berries and lashings of whipped cream. Now it's back to normality, spring storms and blustery grey skies. I'm drawing cats and robots, tackling my enormous to-do list, and daydreaming about more lovely weekends away.


Roberto said...

Hi Carla, that food looks delicious. I love something I saw in NZ, and that here in my country there is not, you're on the road and you can stop at a cafe to drink coffee with a delicious cake
I saw it in Hokianga and Rawene, especially, because where we were doing some walking.
Ah. OK. my daughter says that next year she will come to visit us, but I think it's more likely for us to go before. ja ja
You do these patterns with robots? wonderful!
take a look at my daughter's blog. that is a link to the side of my blog.
Byeeeeeeeeee ♫

Carla said...

Hi Roberto! Your daughter makes beautiful jewellery. What an artistic family you are...look forward to seeing you in NZ one day soon :)

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