23 October 2011


Six weeks of rugby mania is nearly over, with the final game tonight between New Zealand and France. Not wanting to be labelled Ms No-Fun Anti-Rugby Grinch forever, I gritted my teeth and watched the semi-finals last week. No, I haven't really been converted. They stop too much and there was an awful lot of blood. But the bits I do like are the occasional athletic, skilful bits - the running and sliding, massive kicks, the cool overhead camera shots at the beginning of a scrum. 

I also like the haka and the national anthem, which usually makes me cry on any occasion (especially when sung by small children). This image comes from a short dance film I made a few years ago for the annual Trash to Fashion awards in Auckland (hence the rubbish dump in the background). I liked the fact that the girls were happy to wear uncomfortable old rugby boots, run through stinky mud and bash into each other like real rugby players. They somehow managed to make this all look graceful, with not a drop of blood or cauliflower ear in sight...


Roberto said...

Hi, Carla! I apologize for not coming sooner to your blog, but I have the flu and bronchitis that has complicated my life. and only now I'm leaving it.
Did you do a film?I would love to see it! Not on youtube? please tell me!!
I send a nice greeting and wish you have a good weekend with your family!

Carla said...

Hi Roberto! Sorry to hear you've been ill. If you want to have a look at the film, click on the highlighted text 'short dance film' in the post (maybe it doesn't show up very well). I've been a bit absent from blogging and visiting recently too - but lovely to hear from you as always.

Roberto said...

Carla! Congratulations, I did not know you were doing these things so good, so good!
I ask your permission to put in the sidebar of my blog for a few days a link to the video Ball,
can I?
Yes, please

Carla said...

Of course! I would be honoured. Thank you :)

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