5 October 2011


The outside world is full of spring blossom at the moment, from the palest delicate cherry pink to the deep rose-red of budding magnolias. At one point we were walking along the street, completely surrounded by a swirling snowfall of petals carried by the wind. "I call moments like this food for my soul," said Mum, who we were visiting for the weekend. A Saturday spent op-shopping revealed more pinky treasures - a wool blanket edged with immaculate pink stitching, a blancmange mould (have you ever made a blancmange? I haven't), and a set of little flowery tumblers. Doesn't take much to make me happy!

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Roberto said...

Here where I live, (province of Cordoba, Argentina) is far from the sea, at least 700 miles, there's mountains and valleys. and very dry in winter, now, like NZ, it's spring, but are just beginning to bloom the plants, until the rainy season starts it will not be very nice. then yes, everything is full of colors.
thanks, I sent the invitation!
Just called me on Skype, my daughter from Omapere! (today is my Birthdays) I saw that there was a beautiful sunny day!

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