29 November 2011


I often over-think these Illustration Friday prompts, and then end up doing nothing because I've dithered about it for so long. This week I've been back in rehearsal for a new show. At the end of a full-on day, all I want to do is a bit of aimless doodling, and that's what happened. Small round thing, square other things... possibly deep and meaningful but probably not.


Ian Summers said...

Nice work!

josh pincus is crying said...

awesome! these characters are terrific!

Leen’s said...

So funny. I like your doodling, great result!

Roberto said...

Hi Carla!!!!, I think, that just must be the creative design, if you tie you too, in the sense, the message, the meaning. you end up doing a drawing in which the "message" is so obvious that it becomes something mediocre.
You must have some idea of ​​what you want and then release your hand :)
I like your illustration, congratulations! :)

Cindy D. said...

Aww, poor little left out guy! I'm sure you are making a keen observation about the human condition. :) It's very cute!

On the other hand, I don't think the problem is that he is round. I think something's just happened outside the frame to the right, and everyone is a little embarrassed and waiting to see what happens next.

(Do the aimless doodling again next time instead of overthinking!)

Patti said...

very cute. reminds me of The Point.

un punto en un planeta said...

Thanks Carla, you're too kind!
Yes, yes, my youngest daughter, has just arrived in Argentina, but I do not see her until a week because she arrives in Buenos Aires and I live 800 kilometers away,
she will be a few days with cousins ​​and aunts
I know these last few days in Auckland was raining!
she told me, and my other daughter, Julia, I think is already back Hokianga Harbour
Thanks for your comment.
I wish you well!!!!!! :)

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