11 December 2011

Christmas Cards

Late as usual, but finally pulled out the Gocco from its hiding place and set to work on making Christmas cards. I love my Gocco, but use it so rarely that I lose all memory of what to do with it and end up wasting bulbs, putting ink on the wrong side of the screen and generally end up swearing and making a huge mess. This time I painted a background in acrylic, waited for it to dry and printed the drawing on top. All done. Phew.


Roberto said...

Carla, very beautiful your cards!
I congratulate you.
I'm also very behind with my Christmas greetings, but every year the same thing happens to me! haha
Oh, right now my two daughters are in Auckland!! do you know?
the youngest will come to spend the holidays with us, I am very anxious!
Good week for you!

roberto said...

Hi Carla!
I came to say hello, to tell you Merry Christmas, with your family and loved ones, and I hope that next year will give full opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams.
I can not, avoid, whenever I come to your blog thinking you're so close to my daughter:) so for me it's a double pleasure to come to see your posts. HaHa
OK. Happiness for you and your family !!!!!

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