7 January 2012


A brand new year, and a brand new baby nephew, born just before Christmas. He's not really called Steve. We called him that as a joke way back at the beginning, and now it's stuck - at least until he gets a real name. Welcome to the world, little Steve. Your eyes are a bit crusty and you have to wear mittens because you keep stuffing your hands in your mouth and chewing furiously on your fingers. You have tiny little legs like a chicken, and your socks and hats are too big for you and you snuffle like a baby wombat, but you are lovely in every way.


roberto said...

Congratulations, Carla!
I hope you will find his final name, haha.
I do not know, but Steve does not seem an ugly name.:)
While I send my greetings from the summer, which, apparently, to New Zealand will not go, because today I received mail from my daughter Julia and she told me yesterday had to turn the stove!!!!!
Here today is 39 degrees in the shade, oh, is not supported!
Well, kiss and congratulations!

Carla said...

Thank you, Roberto! But no...he can't be called Steve - it is hard to get out of the habit, though. You know he's not my baby, don't you! He is my sister's baby. It's easier to be an aunty than a mum, I think. Summer? What summer? It is the most terrible summer we have had in a long time. Rain most days and endless grey skies, in Auckland, anyway. Sigh. I envy you your 39 degrees. Happy summer to you :)

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