14 February 2012

Love Monster

Or maybe it's loveless monster - sad that he hasn't received a shiny purple balloon and cellophane-wrapped rose on Valentine's Day. Have you?


roberto A. said...

Carla, your monstrous characters have nothing monstrous, you know?
They are very sweet and lovable
Well, surely, he will find one who loves
no one is as ugly as not to arouse the love of someone
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
I am sending you a kiss to NZ and back!!!!!

Carla said...

No they're not very scary, are they - a bit sad, always...thanks Roberto!

roberto A. said...

hey Carla Thanks for your comment, The header is somewhere in my house, where we spend the summer.you know we take the breakfast, the lunch, we work, we rest, because in winter we cant stay too much time out from our house. some times it snows, and the mornings are so cold, (8 degrees below zero) jaja! BRRRRRR!!!!
see you later!!!!

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