2 February 2012

Small Summer Adventures

School's back after six weeks of flaky summer weather, small excursions around Auckland (we never managed to leave), tents built from chairs and sheets in bedrooms, new scooters and many falls, secret children's spy games with the girl next door and always, always longing for some real summer sun. In amongst all that I've tried to get my act together and plan for 2012, but it's just been so hard. I've lost my way but now a little bit of routine has returned, I'm planning on a new start. It's far too easy to drift, and I've decided that this is the Year of No Drifting, Wafting or Procrastinating. You can hassle me about that, if you like.


roberto A. said...

Carla, you, in NZ, are waiting for the summer, and here I want the summer go! :)
Do not plan anything, only plan to devote time to what you like. is the life, Do you suppose that the ancient inhabitants of the land planning something for tomorrow? I believe that they, not planned, what to do, life began each day as a new mystery. Should not we boo to the calendar's inventor? :)

OK. I hope the sun peek over NZ, before autumn, haha
Wish you a great week, (this is not planning, eh! ;)

Carla said...

Hmmm, yes Roberto I agree up to a point...a bit of both is good, I think. You have a good week too - I think our summer is just about to begin, finally!

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