27 February 2012


A weekend in Whiritoa (Toa for short, now that we've been there three times). Staying in our friend's old bach with its peeling lino, faded flowery carpet and squeaky old divan beds, we woke every morning to the faint sound of surf slamming onto hard sand. No email. No telly. Not a lot of anything, apart from reading, eating and lying around like lazy seals, while the kids did energetic kid things around us. We ate ripe salted tomatoes and passionfruit straight from the vine; started on the G & Ts at any old time in the afternoon. A very fine weekend of beachiness indeed.


Julia Kelly said...

Ahhhhhhh! Here in the US, we are in snow,mud and wind!!

R083R70 said...

Congratulations, Carla, by moving away from the computer, even for a weekend.
Makes me want to take a couple of days off!
I've seen what you call passionfruit here called Pasionaria, is a vine that grows wild, with a very fragrant flower that (say) has the nails and hammers who crucified Jesus Christ
My wife and I once stayed all afternoon in the mountains, with nothing to eat and we eat those fruits.
we use the leaves and tendrils to make a tea that calms the nerves and allows you to sleep
Ok, I remember last year I came to NZ on 14 March, and was the time when there was too much Feijoa, very tasty, I had never tried
Well, Greetings!!
good week! :)

Carla said...

Roberto, why are you suddenly a name with numbers? Yes, passionfruit - native of Argentina. Delicious. I didn't know it helped with sleep - could do with a bit of that! And next, feijoas...just as delicious. We are lucky, really. Have yourself a good week too :)

Carla said...

Julia - I know. All I can say is that in a few months time the tables will be turned and I'll be moaning about our rubbish weather while you are basking in the sun. Eternal summer, that's what I want!

R083R70 said...

Ah, yes, Carla you should cut the leaves and tendrils (especially tendrils) of Pasionaria and let it air dry.you can store it, when is dried, in a glass jar with lid, then with a pinch (you know, take some leaves and tendrils with your three fingers, thumb, index and middle finger, this is a pinch) you prepare a tea, do not let the water boil. then you cover the bowl with a small plate so that the substance is concentrated, and before it gets cold, you drink
is very good for calm and sleep.
obviously is not addictive. no problem
good dreams!!!!! :)

Carla said...


ram said...

Happy women's day!!!!!!!!!!!

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